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Saturday, December 10, 2016

December Daily: Days 3, 4 & 5

yeeeeah, so when i said i start this project with a hiss and a roar i wasn't kidding!

that 'hiss and a roar' quickly turned into a 'pff and a whimper'

so without further ado, here is my averagely photographed [outside of the album']
Days 3 and 4

i decided listing every single product i used was going to seriously cut into my ACTUAL scrapbooking time, so i've nixed that.

suffice it to say, i'm using ali's main kit, pam garrison's mini kit, the paislee press mini kit i won,
3 of the 2015 mini kits (which i scored for $10 each - woohoo!)
even at USD10 they were still a bargain.

oh, and i've bought a few old studio calico kits and bits and pieces from them lately.
they have some pretty cool hearts and stars, and you KNOW you can never have enough hearts and stars!!!

i love using different sized tags in my albums.
i love the added interest and texture they provide.

i WILL say one thing about this white card i embellished though...

it had the words 'DECEMBER FAVORITES' written on it, and i continue to be a little frustrated by buying product (albeit in kits) that i can't use.

down here at the bottom of the world, we like the "U".
we even use it in the word COLOUR.

anyway, i covered the words up with the 'hello twinkle' diecut then stamped the card, and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

a pretty simple 'date/filler' page
loving the sticker word art that came with the main kit and LOVE that we got 2 sheets!

...and how the pages look in the album

i think it's important to include first and last names of everyone present.
you know, before the senior moments outweigh the present day ones :P
(they're on that manilla tag)

yes i was tempted to fill that white space on the left -

less is more...

i was inspired from someone in the 'december daily' Facebook group and basically re-ordered some of my pages to include this 2x2 with photos from the day we decorated our tree.

did you know there are almost SIX THOUSAND people in that group?
that's a lot of inspiration. the photos are awesome for picking up ideas

man, that glittery white star was, well - VERY glittery.

super happy with the way it turned out.

so i have 3 of my 4 girls home for Christmas 2016, but it's not the same 3 girls i had at home for Christmas 2015. Katelin is back from the States and now Mikaela is living in London, so 
SHE gets to go on the stick!

'roots and wings' is from the 'roots' story kit
(just in case you were wondering)
and the 3x4 card is from the hybrid digital kit which we got when we signed up for ali's class
(really must finish those lessons.....)

day 5 was relatively quick and i love the pink and lime 'tinge' of this page

and here's how those pages look in the album

all the 'word' squares are actually cut down from 3x4 cards
i honestly have SOOOOO many, i didn't feel bad cutting into them

5 down 26 to go!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

December Daily: Days 1 & 2

Welcome back!

it's december again - apparently!

drawing on inspiration from the december daily Facebook group,
i tried something a little different, in that i gathered ALL my Christmas-themed scrapping supplies into once place, in the hope that i wouldn't spend waaaaaaay too much time looking for that 'perfect' embellishment.

all supplies in one spot - in our lingo we call it 'shopping your stash'

more Christmas scrappy supplies than you can poke a stick at...

i tend to start this project off with a hiss and a roar:

all guns blazing
keeping it simple
keeping up every day

life tends to get in the way half way through the month, but for now, i've completed two very basic pages that i'm more than happy with.

i bought ali edwards main december daily kit, as well as pam garrison's mini kit, THEN i won the paislee press mini kit through the december daily IG a/c (go me!) can't wait for the postie to arrive with THAT little package of goodies.

my title page is pretty simple.
i used one of the 6x8 patterned papers from ali's main kit
then trimmed down one of the 4x6 cards from the pam garrison mini kit

'tis the season' is from ali's main kit and i used black number stickers from my stash

done and done.

i always include a photo of the BOUGAINVILLEA that grows outside my front door
it's interesting to see year to year when it blooms
one year it basically didn't, but this year it was flowering in november

ali's 'intentions' page inspired mine and i'm pretty happy with the way it turned out

i talked about lessons learned through setting intention (in life, not just for this project) when things don't work out the way you intended them to.

on day 1 i immediately used one of pam's 3x4 cards 
the southern hemisphere contingent of ali's followers are loving the 'less wintry' designs of product that are on offer!

the 3x4 journalling card is from this year's DD digi files; the red chipboard '1' is from last year's DD main kit, and i simply added a gold star from year's main kit.

here's the journalling for day 1:

"I’m always surprised and delighted at the ways stories present themselves during this project. Take today for instance. I thought my story might be about how I started the day in boots 
and tights (on the first day of Summer!) It was raining when I got up, but by the time I got into town it was sunny and I found myself to be quite overdressed.
In the end though, I found my daily photo when I walked out of the 
Railway Station this morning. I 
looked up and saw window washers hanging off the side of Asteron 
House and I thought “there’s no-one inside the building to wave at them.”
In the wake of the November 14th
7.8 magnitude earthquake, the occupants have been temporarily re-located while engineers assess the building and make repairs to a stairwell."

day 2 was equally as simple:

friday afternoon drinks on my friend's deck in the sun.
we don't get together every friday, but if the sun's shining and we're both around, we try pretty damned hard to make it work!

3x4 cards from this year's main kit (i think)
small gold star from a previous story kit
'2' from this year's "week in the life" kit with a red star from this year's main DD kit, and the washi is from pam garrison's mini kit.

lime green chipboard embelly is from pam garrison's mini kit and the 'summer memories' digi file was from a series ali gifted to her readers (something about a 'passport'?) 
i can't quite remember!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day in the Life: Saturday July 30: Album Complete!

   ali edwards chose a WEEKEND day for her 2nd Day in the Life this year, and produced a mini kit, which consisted of the 'puffy' circular stickers, a word sticker sheet and the 2-sided hour of the day cards.

ali's approach this time was to set hourly alarms on her phone, take one photo and write on the card at the same time.

aside from taking a couple of extra photos and including what my girls not living with us are doing, i stuck to the same formula - and OH HOW EASY IT WAS!!!

the KISS principle at its best.

i had previously constructed my covers and it was simply a case of printing my photos (all taken square so i wouldn't have to crop them), add embellishments and VOILA - 4 days later it's complete!!!

so what's changed since march? or may [week in the life] even?

changed: bedroom wall now spanish white not havoc red 

same: delivery of the morning paper (and the guessing game of where it will end up!) 

same: saturday morning brekkie cooked by my awesome hubby 

changed: two of the neighbours' view-blocking trees have blown/been chopped down

changed: the music on my iPhone

changed: tash is now captain of her netball team

changed: mikaela is flatting in east london with a bunch of fellow kiwis

changed: zoe and callum have moved apartments 

SOMEWHERE on ali's blog there's a tutorial for this fold out page, but i can't think where to find it off the top of my head.

for the inside back cover i made a pocket and included receipts from our date night and a coaster from the restaurant we ate at

...and there you have it!
thanks again to allison for the original inspiration for this album - much appreciated!

roll on the next Day in the Life!!!