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Thursday, April 19, 2018

December Daily: Completed in the Album

If i'm honest, finishing this album as winter approached was a bit of a drag. i had to remind myself MANY times to not just 'get it done'. that my photos and stories are important.
still, i have Week in the Life approaching, and that was certainly a motivator.

i WILL say, one of the downsides of finishing my DD this late, is that with the passage of a few months, i was VERY tempted to include way too many photos.

even though i had ali's words ringing in my ears "pick one story", i had to resist the temptation to include everything, even when the photos and words were already in my Project Life!

as i got nearer the end and the album got thicker and thicker, i felt a bit like i was in a race i couldn't win.  i'm not sure i can change my approach though, so i'm just going to embrace what it is.



Friday, March 23, 2018

December Daily: Days 12-21

this is the latest i've ever finished my december daily 
(not that i'm actually done yet!)

i have notes and know which photos i'm printing, so i'm not stressing too much

note to self: plant more strawberries next summer!

love these bi-fold pages

anyone else's cat helping them with their DD???

probably my favourite day of the month - when all 4 girls were together for the first time in 2 years.

so many photos were taken!!!


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Day in the Life: November 2nd, 2017: Completed Mini Album

i love these 4x4 albums for my Day in the Life photos and words, although the mixed media approach does make it a little more time-consuming.

either way, it's in the bag.

a fairly ordinary work day that included a relatively unplanned date night/movie fundraiser.

can't wait to watch "THOR" again. it was hilarious!

i believe our next Day in the Life observance is next month (February).

can't wait!