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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

December Daily: Days 22 & 23

ugh - i feel like i'm dragging the chain a bit, but i'm getting there!

Christmas Eve was quite an emotional day for me, but i think once i journal my thoughts and work on that particular page, i'll really feel like i'm in the home stretch 

you might not be able to tell from this pic, but my hair had LILAC streaks in it
i loved it!

it was great to have my parents here this Christmas
they stayed in their home town last Christmas and they hadn't been to stay during the year

those rum bottles had dust on them!

i had a few photos i wanted to use for this day, so i made a concertina fold out thingee

this is what it looks like folded up

then folded out

then the reverse side folded out

then closed.

my eldest and her partner arrived from Auckland later the same day

our house suddenly became [wonderfully] full!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

December Daily: Days 20 & 21


silver lining to absolutely APPALLING new year weather 
(where it SUPPOSED to be summer mind !) is guilt-free crafting time!!!

i must say picking this project back up after a couple of weeks at DAY 19, is FAR better than picking it back up after more than a month at DAY 12, which is what happened last year.

these 2 days came together in the album quite quickly, and i'm pretty happy about that.

SO! i cut out the 'december daily' box packaging at the time my goodies arrived, and i'm glad i created the opportunity to use it.
i didn't really need the index tab as you can't really use it to flip the page on account of the 'dd' card being quite heavy. ya really gotta punch those holes in just the right place!

i really wasn't sure which Christmas Light photos to use either
they were pretty impressive to see, but didn't photograph that well
i thought using one this way was a good compromise.

also - this Christmas Cocktail menu may have accidentally 'fallen' into my bag at the bar...
(it's for the good of the craft - which is what i would've said if i'd been caught!)

CHOW is one of our favourite places to eat
the food AND service AND cocktails are always great, 
and we were happy to introduce someone else to its delights

the person who decorated their house in the photo below lit their ENTIRE ROOF!
we all thought that quite inventive, which is why the pic made the cut (if truth be told lol)

eye candy
they tasted pretty good too

a simple layout for day 21 where i was back at my work (after finishing up there 3 days earlier)
i may or may not have invited myself to their Secret Santa Christmas morning tea...

Friday, December 23, 2016

December Daily: : Days 18 & 19

not sure how it's the 23rd already, but here we are!

i have vowed and declared that i won't be leaving the house after 2 o'clock today once i've picked my parents up from the airport.

no, i really mean it. i've already been to the supermarket 3 times this week...

reason #whatever that we're still in this house -

room for strays/friends of our girls

nora (on the right) moved in on the weekend for a few days before heading home to Michigan for Christmas.

the day before she left us welly turned on a beaut day. it was almost 80 deg F - talk about your contrast.....

a simple page featuring a 3x4 from the heart kit and one of this year's 4x6 digi files that i cropped to a 3x4

i'm absolutely thrashing my RADLAB and have most certainly got my 35% discount worth out of it.

my go-to moves are:

lights on

then maybe

prettizer or luxe soft

monday's PLAN was - well you can read about it below, but you know what they say about the best laid plans...

the '25' is how old meredith is, not the date
and believe me when i tell you, i have TWO of those chipboard stars
- one with 19 on it and one with 25 because i actually confused myself


kinda borrowed from one of ali's pages here
i couldn't get the configuration right for words, b&w and colour pics, 
but in the end i just went with it.

see you back here after Christmas no doubt!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December Daily: Day 15, 16 & 17

i can't believe i've almost caught up!
i guess that's what happens when you get a dedicated few hours to work on it
- AND you've finished your job contract and have lots of spare time even though it's the week before Christmas!

i'm enjoying using these Week in the Life wooden numbers
i cut down one of the 6x8 papers for the 3x8 pp

i also found one random 3x8 'morning, afternoon and evening' insert' so put that to good use on a very busy/social day i had last week

i love these layered templates. they're so versatile

basically i had my work Christmas lunch, a girls' night and boxing class drinks all in one day, and i wanted to capture a little from each event.

i loved that i could use this digi stamp and add the white stickers

i've done it before, but here's a phonetic pronouciation of the POHUTUKAWA, also known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree


if they bloom early, it means we're in for a long warm summer

fingers crossed!!!

the end of the week was also the last day of my 3 month contract at the RACP
i certainly didn't expect flowers, let alone brownie (not pictured on account of the fact that we ate it all...) and a card that contained many heartfelt sentiments.


my thoughts on leaving this particular contract made up part of today's story

one of the fun initiatives at the RACP during December is the 'POD' decorating contest.
the theme this year being '2016 the year that was'

for obvious reasons, Prince featured a lot, and the gals on the 5th floor went ALL.OUT.

it was another stunning afternoon, so al fresco cocktails and tapas were DEF on the menu.

the photobombing grandpa was NOT lol

i've had this glittery gold frame sticker for AGES (i think it's heidi swapp) and saw an idea on the DD Facebook page that gave me the inspiration to use it

i hadn't used this font before ('always in my heart'), and it did this weird cursor placement thing when i typed. as a result of that, i SOMEHOW ended up with an unwanted apostrophe.
as a grammar nazi this bothers me intensely, but not enough to trash the whole page.

on this day i also wrote about how i have wrapped Christmas presents in shoe boxes for the past 20 years, and how i didn't have any this year because i threw my surplus out last year thinking we'd be moving house during the year and they'd be one less thing to throw out.


so i had to go forage at a couple of my local shoe stores.
this is the BEFORE photo btw...

saturday night was a catch up with friends who have/are celebrating december birthdays

i love this digi stamp.

Monday, December 19, 2016

December Daily: Days 13 & 14

loving these digital advent boxes
it's the first time i've used them.

i never expected to use the 'let's go carolling' card either until i ran into my friend busking.
when i asked her for details so i could journal this pic, she said "plus i love carolling."


the concert band pic is two 4x6 pics taped together

on the flip side there's a pic of hubby during his MANCATION
who doesn't love a good bromance eh???

day 14 is pretty much a lift of ali's day 12
it was fun to use one of her AED 12 days of giving digi stamps too!

AAAAAND, i loved using the 'all decked out' card, even though i'm pretty sure the designer NEVER meant for it to refer to THIS kind of deck!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

December Daily: Days 8 - 12

i love the tones of this page, and LOVE any time that the girls have friends over.

i miss the constant stream of friends through the house, i really do!

friday's page is pretty straightforward to.
it was a stunning day and i didn't want to go straight home after work so i arranged to meet Katelin at one of wellington's rooftop bars after her yoga class.

the place was heaving!  no other place to be apparently!

we had a couple of drinks then headed to the left bank where we had a huge range of street food to choose from. must go there again!

during the week i'd signed up for a 6.5 hour volunteer shift at a VERY WELLY CHRISTMAS.

our golden mile of shopping was closed to cars and there was over a kilometre of christmas-themed fun activities for young and old alike. the morning weather had been ok and there were lots of people about, but by the time my shift started, the weather had deteriorated significantly.

most of the activities had to be cancelled - even the carols by candlelight that night
i was so disappointed for everyone that had put all the work in to put on such a fun 2 days of events.
even though i wasn't volunteering on the sunday, most of the activities went ahead.
the weather still couldn't quite make up its mind, but at least it didn't rain!

getting home early from my shift mean lots of extra scrapping time tho!

on sunday i met someone from my DECEMBER DAILY fb group who was visiting new zealand with her family!  i love this kind of thing.

yin is from singapore and she had previously messaged me to see if it was still safe to come to nz after the recent kaikoura earthquake.  i guess the perception you get from reading the news online is quite different to the reality.

her trip was completely unaffected and we enjoyed lunch on oriental parade.
i'm so glad i got to meet her.

for the back page of layered template i added a simple embellishment to one of the 6x8 papers from the main kit.

on sunday katelin's bestie came over for dinner and we got a slideshow of her month long trip through asia. she kept meticulous notes for me knowing that i'm going to be in vietnam next year - going as far as photographing the outside of restaurants she thought i might like!

so sweet!

this is how the photo looked in my project life
love ali's digital stamps

i don't much like my handwriting (this is a common refrain), but i KNOW how important it is to have it captured. i have to make a conscious effort to write slowly and as legibly as i can, imagining decades from now - my poor relatives trying to decipher my scrawl!

the '12' was an idea i grabbed from the DD fb group - those white tags from last year's kit really are versatile!

i cut down one of the 3x4 [x4] page protectors vertically
it's one of my favourite 'go-to' ideas to add texture and interest to my albums

i think the 'THIS' might be from the CHEER story kit

i think this is one of my favourite stories so far
i didn't even ask my daughter to take a pic of the EFTPOS machine 
CLEARLY she's a child of a scrapbooker!

the 3x4 'today's story' is one of the digi files from the hybrid class.

Monday, December 12, 2016

December Daily: Days 6 & 7

i'd forgotten i had these giant manilla tags until i received my order from studio calico (which included a set of giant cork numbers). seeing the cork numbers prompted some memory of them being used like this. 

i think they're pretty bloody cool!

i adhered a photo to the back that shows my daughter looking through my
July Day in the Life mini album

the 'happy' rubber embellishment is from the paislee press mini kit i won.

...and the 'legacy' snap pocket provided the perfect home for the story

then i cut down one of the 6x8 papers and adhered it to the back of the pocket

i was inspired once again from someone in the DD facebook group to stamp the '7' card, but then i remembered i did it back in october for day in the life.
it's so easy to do and it looks so effective!

i just love this pic of my 2 girls and the 'around here december version' digital stamp is just perfect for the photo.

getting there!

3 days at a time.....